Vacuum Attached Guardrail Netting System

A product by L.G. White Safety Corporation

Aerospeed is sales, maintenance and training representative in the european market for the Vacuum Attached Guardrail Netting System manufactured in the USA by L.G. White Safety Corporation.

L.G. White Safety Corporation has been providing innovative safety solutions for the aviation industry since 1995, specializing in fall protection systems for aircrafts. We offer both active and passive fall protection systems. Our solutions are compliant with OSHA and AFOSH/AFI standards. L.G. White’s Vacuum Attached Guardrail Netting System is a sole sourced item, protected by the United States Patent and Trade Office, and may not be reproduced without direct written consent from authorized personnel representing L.G. White Safety Corporation.


The L.G. White Safety Corporation's Vacuum Attached Guardrail Netting System is a comprehensive fall protection system designed to protect personnel working at a height from falling to a lower level, and allows as many workers as needed to work freely on the upper surface of the aircraft without attaching to lifelines. This passive system allows workers to freely bypass each other, work together without the need to connect or disconnect from a lifeline, and reduces tripping and entanglement hazards.


The system can be setup to cover the main areas of the aircraft including, the forward and rear fuselage, leading and trailing edges of the wings, and the tail. This completely engulfs the top of the aircraft perimeter in netting, providing complete coverage while maintenance is being performed. The safety net support array can provide both active and passive fall protection options. The system consists of lightweight aluminum stanchion assemblies, and high strength nylon netting. L.G. White offers several different stanchion support frame assemblies to support different configurations depending on the type of aircraft and location of the support on the aircraft. Additionally, L.G. White offers a tool and debris stop directly integrated into the fall protection netting to help mitigate falling object hazards below the work surface.


The vacuum equipment is powered simply by attaching to a facility’s compressed air system. No external electricity or vacuum pumps are required. To install, simply place the stanchion support frame on the aircraft, attach positive air supply to the vacuum attachment, attach the netting, and adjust to the desired location. The vacuum system can be equipped with both a pressure gauge and an audio safety alarm to warn if there is any vacuum loss in the system. The vacuum attachment feature allows the system to be mounted on all styles of aircrafts including large fixed wing and helicopters.

For more information on the system, please visit : lgwhite.com/aviation